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Fundraising to Measurably Improve Lives

Mark is a valued employee at a local factory, but his supervisors noticed that he was struggling. When they pulled him aside to express their concern, Mark revealed that he and his children were living in their vehicle. His employer reached out to the United Way of Hancock County, who connected Mark to various local support programs. Mark and his family now have safe housing and are on the path to a more stable future.

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Success stories like this exemplify what the United Way does best: connect vulnerable people with resources that can help.

By engaging donors and community leaders year-round, the United Way is able to raise funds that are put to work where they’re needed most, supporting critical services such as housing, transportation, vulnerable children initiatives, food security, access to health care and more. Everything raised in Hancock County stays here, with a team of community members and subject matter experts regularly assessing which areas your donor dollars will do the most good.

Amid its year-round fundraising efforts, United Way is also committed to building and maintaining a network of dedicated volunteers. United Way volunteer hours reached a record high of 10,000+ in 2022, with plans to expand even further in the coming year.

By giving to the United Way, you’re supporting over 20 programs working to strengthen and empower the residents of Hancock County. These vital services are utilized by 1 in 4 members of our community, making this safety net an essential resource.

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