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Thank You!

Positive Feedback was the Button on Top to a Year Full of Changes!

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In business if you want results customer satisfaction is a crucial element while paving the way, and every step in between for as long as your business is being run. If you haven’t already checked our website ( this link will take you to the “About” section and you will see what we believe in, all of which pertain to curating, designing and decorating while delivering smart, creative, identity solutions to the highest standard for our customers.


Recently we created a survey to verify if we are aligned with excellent customer service and identify ways to improve our business. A BIG thank you to all who contributed! The results were AMAZING!! Overall our customers (YOU) ranked us in the excellent category in EVERY category: 

1. Quality of Products/Services

2. Value Received Considering Price

3. Friendliness/Attitude

4. Timeliness of Providing Quotes

5. Timeliness of Order Delivery

6. Overall Satisfaction: 47.92% of respondents gave us a rating of EXCELLENT (scale 4.5 out of 5)

Corporate Culture

Every Monday morning we have a team meeting. We start the meeting with a #motivationalmonday video. To give you a taste check out what we watched today and the take-aways:

Motivation Monday team notes



 In reflection of 2017 and the many changes that occured within the year, City Apparel was completely rebranded, moved, taken under the new ownership of our very own boss lady, Andrea Kramer while maintaining our WBENC certification. With new a new location, new ownership, overall new brand  standards, mission, vision and value statement....we are incredibly grateful . 

Value - People. Product. Proccess.

Innovation - We push for perfection but not at the expense of progression.

Service - Above & Beyond. Always.

Integrity - Say what you mean. Mean what you say. Be on point… all the time.

Ownership - Question everything. Even our own bias.

No Bullshit - Think deeply. Consider all viewpoints.

These values are what shape us.  We hope if you haven't already, join our movement!

social responsibility

Social Responsibility

One way we devised the concept of coming back stronger is through the continual engagement with the very own people and organizations who encourage, support, and motivate our growth. Today we will spotlight the United Way of Hancock County.

As read in our social responsibility section, we are all about diversity and inclusion and focused on three areas that we would bleed for:  Kids, cancer, and veterans. “We want” to be laser focused and impactful with our time and money became “we are” through community engagement which paves the way to achieve fulfillment within those 3 areas.

How did we evolve from “we want” to “we are?” Eventually as a company you reach a point where each facet of what you stand for needs not only to be spoken, but shown as well. Lower details on the scale of overall productivity yields a higher quality end result. For example, instead of reaching the extra mile alone bring your team with you.  Our City Apparel team gets asked frequently when people find out we are a 100% female workforce,  if the office space gets caddy and what the atmosphere is like. Well, remember those 3 areas we bleed for and our value statement? Those 3 areas are currently engraved within the heart of this office, so the atmosphere demonstrated is like leaving for a road trip with your best friends, each member reaches the extra mile together.  

That’s why we’re crazy about United Way of Hancock County! They embody the concept of going the extra mile, traveling back, and getting more people on board to measurably improve their life. Initiatives United Way of Hancock County have taken on include, “collaboration with groups such as HHWP Community Action Commission and Ohio Department of Transportation to develop the Hancock Area Transportation Services (HATS). United Way of Hancock County has also developed free tax clinics to assist low income families with tax preparation. And finally, United Way brought together 17 funders to initiate the Hancock County 2-1-1 help line which was in place by January 2009 and continues to serve as a critical community resource.” The impact United Way of Hancock County has had on the community is truly inspirational.

By living united, each person plays an important role in each other’s success which is why supporting such a great organization is key to us. In return, United Way has played a special role within our organization reminding us of the selflessness it takes to make our customers raving fans and left with a positive overall experience with our team at City Apparel.


Andrea Kramer