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The Importance of an End User Show

Calling all buyers, HR professionals, managers, and marketing teams!  Yes, it’s only September.  Yes, we were all just hanging by the pool last week.  But Yes, it’s time to start thinking ahead to HOLIDAY season, end of year employee gifts, and planning for 2018!! 

As we pack away the shorts and t-shirts, kicking and screaming the entire way, it’s time to chat with your distributor and come up with a kick-butt plan to wow your customers and staff with your end of year gifts and promotions and really put your best foot forward for 2018 apparel and promotional item spending.  We can throw all the 300 pages catalogs in the world at you and let you fend for yourself, but by now you know that’s not how your Account Solutions Masterminds work.  We are here to help do all the digging to identify the best quality products and services for your customers and employees.  There is no better way to accomplish this daunting fourth quarter hunt for the latest and greatest than to attend an end user show with your friendly team at City Apparel. 

Our customers are our partners and we consider you the end user of all the products and services we offer. As Masterminds, we are here, ready and willing to meet with you as much or as little as you need us to, but let’s face it, everyone is BUSY! And in the length of a bad reality television show, we are in and out of your office and on a mission to put your ideas into action and fulfill all your branding needs.  There are opportunities throughout the year in which we can ask our end users to join us to meet suppliers that provide all things promotional and apparel to help endorse your brand.   Yes, it’s time out of your day and we understand that struggle is very real, but the information you can share with your distributor in one hour on a show floor can enhance the ability of your distributor to meet your needs more effectively and efficiently.  We would love for you to join us at the upcoming Holiday Client Showcase to get a hands-on experience with the best products out there and the newest products available for you and your team!

So, how does it work?  First, just let us know you are interested.  Contact your rep at City Apparel today and find out more about these two events in Cleveland and Columbus on October 3 and 4, 2017.  We will provide you a link to register and will create a schedule to make sure your City Apparel team is on site to provide as much or as little guidance as you would like.  Show up ready and willing to learn with your calendar of events, timeframes and budgets handy. Spend as much or as little time on the show floor as you like.  Visit booths, test out products, check out the most impressive new decoration techniques and note items that you think will work for your specific promotions and events (think holiday gifts, summer picnics, new hire giveaways, incentive items, the sky is the limit!). Take all this awesome information back to your purchasing teams and event committees (along with some very awesome new swag – one of the perks of working in promotion) and make waves with all the super new branding tools you have at your fingertips. 

So what are you waiting for?  Email us now.  Be the most prepared buyer you can be. You know you want in on this awesomeness.  Can’t join us in October?  Contact us today and we will set up a date to meet in our office or have the specific products and services you need come to you.  We are all about the smart, creative, identity solution!

Andrea Kramer