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Braden Kramer Foundation

The Beginning: 

On September 21st, 2015 Braden Kramer was diagnosed with t-cell all (acute lymphoblastic leukemia).  Braden’s family quickly recognized the challenges and heartache that accompany a childhood cancer diagnosis. The initial months seemed like a tornado of medical terms to be learned, reports to be read and lifestyle changes that our family needed to adapt to in order to provide the best environment for Braden. As Braden's family went through treatment and began to grasp their new reality it became clear how blessed they were to have the resources and competent medical team to get Braden on to recovery. Through these experiences they felt compelled to help families that would benefit from the type of community support they were so fortunate to have.


As family and friends have wrapped their minds around Braden and his family's "new normal", it was evident that we all are affected by cancer in some way. The funds donated to the Braden Kramer Foundation will be directed to children and their families affected by pediatric cancer. The Braden Kramer Foundation was established in February of 2016 to “help families fighting childhood cancer” So far the Braden Kramer Foundation has financially supported six children in Northwest, Ohio.

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The main fundraising arm for the Braden Kramer Foundation will be the black swamp golf classic.  This is a premier annual golf event that has raised over 1.5 million dollars for our community over the last 20 years. The Black Swamp Classic not only donates a portion of the money raised to the Braden Kramer Foundation, but also to both the Findlay YMCA & Putnam YMCA.


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Details about the Black Swamp Golf Classic:

This event will take place on Monday, May 14th & Tuesday, May 15th. This is the 19th Annual Black Swamp Classic, which is a 4-man scramble, held at Red Hawk Run Golf Course in Findlay, Ohio. There is limited availability, so be sure to enter early! First, second and third place prizes will be awarded for both the morning and afternoon competitions. As well as this, participants will enjoy the ultimate prize raffle, a commemorative gift item, and a Black Swamp Classic gift pack. For more information visit the Black Swamp Golf Classic Website or their Facebook Page




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