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Is Buying or Renting Better?

To Buy or to Rent? 

Every company faces this question at some point: Should we buy, or should we rent? Before we get into the answer, let's compare buying and renting uniforms. 

Advantages of Buying

  • Overall lower cots 

  • No contracts 

  • Customizable 

  • Higher employee satisfaction 

Disadvantages of Renting

  • Contracts range from 2-5 years 

  • New employee charges 

  • Hidden additional charges 

  • 30% extra charge for sizes above XL 

Which is Better?

Now that you have sufficient information, it is safe to say that buying tends to be the best answer for most companies that are concerned about employee satisfaction and cutting expenses down.  A Uniform Allowance Program can help you do just that! 

At City Apparel we build you a custom webstore, allow you to manage your flexible program, and much more! 

If you would like to learn more and get started, click here! 

Andrea Kramer