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To rent or to buy?

Every company faces this question at some point: Should we buy, or should we rent?  Before we get into the answer, let's compare buying and renting uniforms below ⬇

Advantages of Renting:

  • Contracts range from 2-5 years 

  • Set up costs, but spread throughout length of the contract

  • Standard Program 

  • Complete service (amending & cleaning)

Advantages of Buying: 

  • Overall lower costs 

  • No contracts 

  • Customizable Programs

  • Employees have direct access to purchase 


Sometimes renting can be the better route for some companies. Look at our sister store for instance, City Uniforms and Linen. They aim to deliver excellent value, products and services to enhance the professional image of their partners.

Renting can be the better option for certain companies. City Uniforms and Linen sees companies that deal with chemicals and a dirty work environment pick the renting option 9/10 times. Often times these stains don't come out with a typical household wash. Choosing the rental option allows individuals to have a complete service which includes amending & cleaning services. 

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Now that their is sufficient information on the table, it is safe to say that buying and renting can vary based on a specific companies needs and wants. At City Apparel we are concerned about employee satisfaction and cutting expenses down for our customers.  A Uniform Allowance Program can help individuals do just that! 

City Apparel see's many companies choosing the direct sale route when their work environment deals with every day attire distribution, and other environments. At City Apparel we have the ability to build custom webstores, allowing one to manage their flexible program, and much more! 

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Andrea Kramer