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Being the only guy

As many of our customers know City Apparel is a women owned business certified through the WBENC. City Apparel is mostly occupied by women employees with Chris being the exception. Being the only full time guy employee, Chris brings to the table a sense of dedication and personality that every company needs.

Throughout social media Chris has been showcased and the City Apparel Team would like to give you the inside scoop on who he really is! 😉


Giving back

In Chris’s free time you can often find him dressed up as Captain America from head to toe. He is often joined by other superheros where they visit sick children in hospitals. Chris’s joy comes from the look on these kids faces which makes it worth it every time! Bringing some light into these kids eyes during their long road ahead is the least Chris can do for them.

Chris is truly an inspiration to more than just the City Apparel Team. Kids around the country have witnessed Chris in action as he has participated in a wide variety of events. This past December Chris and another superhero hosted “Shop With a Superhero Event.” Each year Chris amazes us with what he is up to when he is out of the office. Be on the lookout on our social media to see what Chris is up to next. 😉

Sense of Humor

Many people often think that Chris is quiet and shy from a first glance, but he is truly the opposite. His dry sense of humor keeps the City Apparel team quite entertained during the week. You can often find him drinking coffee and eating pop-tarts most days. From Monday motivation comments, to Chris’s fear of spiders, always seems to makes the team laugh. Below are some of our favorite quotes from Chris this far:

  • Daylight savings is terrible

  • Don’t stop dreaming…unless your dreams are stupid

  • Thankful for water & coffee beans

  • "Quotes are not something I have a favorite of. Beer is something I have a favorite of."

  • Why you wanted to work at City Apparel: “Anni bugged me for 3 years to come back. I caved in.”

Wise words from Chris himself

I honestly never had issues with working in a mostly female environment. For me there aren’t many differences than working with mostly guys. Conversations are different; (generally speaking) men talk more about sports, beer, video games, and cars. Women talk more about family, friends, and get more personal. What I do like more about working in a women’s world vs a man’s is the lack of an alpha male. This is just my personal experience but in a mostly male workplace, or one with mostly male leadership, someone always needs to be the alpha male. I’ve never found working with a bunch of alpha males enjoyable. I’m sure the flipside of this happens with women, but women tend to be more passive aggressive and less in your face with it. Aside from that, I’ve been blessed in having a boss that doesn’t view me differently than any of my coworkers. At least I’ve never been made to feel superior or inferior. Sure there are jokes to be made and fun to have at me being the only male in the office, but it’s just harmless fun at the obvious.

That said, here are some tips;

  1. Get used to having a women’s nickname.

  2. Don’t react or acknowledge conversations you overhear on biological woman issues.

  3. Don’t poop at work in a coed restroom. Save that **** for home.

  4. You’ll be asked to do more “man jobs;” change light bulbs, move heavy items, put together furniture, etc., just man up and do it haha. I actually enjoy it and most other things that give me a break from sitting at my desk all day.

The City Apparel Team couldn’t be prouder to have Chris as part of the team. What Chris does inside and outside of the office is a truly an inspiration for the City Apparel Team.

Andrea Kramer