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bloggraphicEcommerceAs the expert in private eCommerce stores, City Apparel wants to help retailers and nearly any industry, understand what a private eCommerce store can offer their customers’ and their employees. With all the unique business rules needed to manage both purchasing agents, customers and employee shoppers, private eCommerce stores can be the perfect solution for everyone from the largest corporation to the smallest mom and pop store. In this series we will show you the many ways private eCommerce stores can help. This is the story of brand ABC Foods, Inc., a large company that owns and operates three restaurant chains covering ten states.

Brand ABC Foods, Inc. owns ABC Coast Diner, located in Ohio, Louisiana, and Florida. The ABC Plains Grill can be found in Texas, Kentucky, Michigan and Colorado. And ABC House is an Indiana, Texas and Montana.

The 3 different businesses have different markets, different names and different brand identities. This makes it only logical that they would have 3 different uniform looks for their employees. In addition to the different markets, uniforms change by job functions. So waiters and waitresses will be ordering different apparel than managers, kitchen staff and car valets.

Plus, as the season changes and differing altitudes, seasonal clothing is offered in all areas. Alternate fabrics may be available, and layering options as well. Uniform decorations vary. Every employee will have their name embroidered on their shirt or jacket but there are two types of embroidery setups; and there are differing decoration applications from silk screening, to embroidery, to PVC emblems.

How will Brand ABC Foods, Inc. manage this monster challenge?

ABC Foods, Inc. calls City Apparel to the rescue!

They are skeptical that City Apparel can make this simple and efficient for all their employees.

City Apparel is not fazed (heck no!) They set up an online, private eCommerce store for all of Brand ABC Foods, Inc.’s employees. Every employee has a unique login when they go to Brand ABC Foods, Inc.’s online store.

City Apparel has organized the website by locations, different job functions and season. So when Kirsten, the new hostess at ABC Coast Diner in Fort Myers, Florida logs in she sees the black vest she needs to have, the black t-shirt she can wear in warm weather and the long sleeve black button down for winter months. She sees the items already have the correct decoration needed for her job type and location. The shopping cart is ready to go since her name, location and payment method are already loaded into the system at login. When Chad, a waiter at the same restaurant, logs in he sees only the shirt, tie and pants he is required to wear. Up in Michigan, Matthew is ordering his vest and shirt for his car valet position at ABC Plains Grill. The ordering process is simple because he sees only what's available to him. But ABC Foods Inc. can keep track of every employee purchase and choice.

And so it goes throughout the ABC Foods Inc. restaurant chains: Information and reporting management needs. Simplicity employees want. Leaving everyone free to focus on serving awesome meals.

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