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Being in the promotional product industry, the City Apparel team enjoys staying up to date with items on the market. Staying current and trendy is what our business is all about! Keep reading below to see what items are currently trending on the market!

Trade show must haves!

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Rather you are getting ready for an upcoming event or an annual trade show this product is for you! Being able to showcase your brand and bring it to life is what this product does for you! The designs are endless for this products, giving you a full functional showcase for your company. This has been a product that has been trending on the market currently, so what are you waiting for?

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Reusable Bags

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Recycling and eco friendly options have become a rising trend in a variety of industries! Many companies are gifting reusable bags for not only their employees but customers as well. These reusable bags have the ability to be customized for a company of your choice. Click the link below to see how these bags may be in your future!

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Custom Journals/ Notebooks

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Companies in any industry often have the ability to brand their their promotional material with their logo’s and catchphrases, but this promotional material is completely different.

This journal/ notebook has the ability to have an additional page tailored to your company. Some of our clients thus far have used this page for things like contact sheets, company culture, events/ special dates, etc. Stand out among other industries by clicking the link below.

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Wireless Charger

These types of charges have been making an appearance in the promotional industry within the last year. This specific promotional product has the ability to be imprinted with a logo, catch phrase or something completely out of the box.

Wireless chargers are great for customer promotions or event gifts for your associates. Click the link below to check this product out for yourself!

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