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Behind the Scenes, as an Intern

As a college student internships are pushed to experience real-world work prior to graduation. Throughout City Apparel’s lifetime, our team has had the ability to watch our interns grow and blossom into aspiring individuals in the workforce. A day in the life as an Intern at City Apparel is not your average internship as said by all of our past interns. Read below to find out what it is really like to intern for the City Apparel Team 😉

Most of the time, interns go to work, do their job (sometimes the jobs that no one else in the company wants to do) and goes home at the end of the day. Many companies have little to no connection with their coworkers, and no real draw to the company they are interning with. At City Apparel, we do things differently and make our interns one of our top priorities.

Community Events


This past fall, we took one of our interns, Natalie Regula, to a community event in Findlay for the World of Downtown Restaurant Tour. This was a great way to get Natalie involved with the community, get to know her coworkers better, and eat awesome food. Natalie stated, “This was a really cool experience to see all that downtown Findlay has to offer, and the fun environment associated with this event. I also got to know the employees at City Apparel even more which helped me in the weeks to come back at the office.” One of our other interns Aleeha Krupa has had the ability to join other City Apparel team members during various Women Leadership Forums put on by the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce. This is a great way for our employees to not only connect as a team but learn from other women in the world of business. Aleeha stated, “Attending community events not only allows an intern to make additional connections in the community but gives additional time to bond with the City Apparel Team. By attending these events truly makes me feel part of the City Apparel team and appreciated for the work I do every day.”

Leadership & Learning Opportunities

Vertical learning is something that is pushed for not only the City Apparel team but also their interns. Adapting their previous knowledge and integrating new concepts within their work is something that is pushed every day. Attending training events, listening to webinars, and a variety of other things have made City Apparel leaders in their industry, and their interns are right there with them. “As an intern, I have had the ability to travel to participate in learning seminars, to further my knowledge in the marketing and advertising world. Anni (our CEO) is constantly pushing us as interns to be the best we can be. Attending these learning seminars is just one of the many ways we further our knowledge at City Apparel.” -Aleeha Krupa


At City Apparel we constantly help out our community, one way is giving back to emerging generations. The top high school students in Hancock County were selected and put into one, elite group. We had the opportunity as a company to present to these students about different marketing concepts. Our President, Anni Kramer presented to the group and handed out some of our awesome promo items. After the presentation, students were split into two groups and were presented with a competitive opportunity. With the help of employees and interns, Lynsey Englebrecht and Natalie Regula, a case study was given to the students and both groups had to create a marketing strategy for the topic. The students blew the team out of the water with their responses and had great ideas. Events like these gets our interns involved with the community, gives back to future generations, and gives them a break from the office.

Real World Experiences

Although every day at City Apparel is a real-world experience, interns at City Apparel are pushed beyond the status of an intern. They deal with clients, vendors, and the community directly making them a true asset to the City Apparel Team. We treat our interns like our employees and trust them with many of the same responsibilities we give our full-time employees. Aleeha stated, “From day one at City Apparel I have been treated like any other employee. I have been given numerous responsibilities that most interns don’t get the opportunity to do. Currently, I manage eight companies/organizations on my own, while also being a full-time student.”

Accounting has nothing to do with safety, but out-of-the-box tasks given to our interns is what makes them stand out in the workplace. We want these interns to leave with a well-rounded work experience after their time with City Apparel. We gave Natalie Regula, accounting intern, the task of making a safety guide for our employees, outlining emergency plans in the building, creating MSDS labels for all chemicals in the warehouse and office, reaching out to the fire department about inspections, and making signs around the building regarding safety. This had nothing to do with the field she was studying in but provided her with a new experience that can help her in future employments. “I was a little surprised when my boss first gave me this task, as it had nothing to do with the work I had been doing for the company. However, this experience opened my eyes to the many steps and details required for health and safety in the workplace and gave me new experiences that were outside my comfort zone” -Natalie Regula

The Fun Stuff


City Apparel is not your typical office setting and our team sure explains that. We enjoy having a laid back atmosphere which typically involves dogs running around the office, all types of music playing and random team building events. Natalie stated, “I love the work environment they have created and the work hard, play hard motto they strive for. “ Rewarding our employees and our interns is a must especially for their hard work they put in every day they come into our office. “With the Cleveland Indians being one of our clients, Anni thought an Indians game was the perfect event for the team to attend! As an intern, all of my friends couldn’t believe this was a typical event for an intern to attend. This event is truly one I will never forget!” -Aleeha Krupa

Working at city apparel was one of the biggest blessings in my life. Not only was I able to apply what I’d learned in my time at UF, but I was surrounded by some of the best people. Working for and with the people at City was what made my experience so memorable. Because of them, I learned so much more, I grew so much more and built some great relationships along the way. I’m so thankful for my time at City Apparel.

Why we love our INTERNS!

Andrea Kramer