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Emerging Millennials

Millennials have been shaping the world around us in recent years, focusing on technological advancements & the idea of modernizing society. These groups of individuals bring a different perspective to the table, allowing for current yet trendy ideas to be expressed. Utilizing the thoughts of this specific generation help shape City Apparel everyday. Many businesses today are afraid of doing, just that. By allowing direct input from this generation in the day to day operation, the hope for City Apparel is that the business will modernizes as well. 

City Apparel prides themselves in giving back to the community where they were founded in, one being future generations. Having the ability to pass knowledge on to Millennials comes full circle at City Apparel. Devoting time spent with millennials today provides a direct link for City Apparel to stay on top of trends popular in the market. Millennials contribute to ideas that many other generations often wouldn't think of. 

Some of our favorite highlights thus far:


City Apparel had the pleasure of hosting a business class from Findlay High School. They learned about starting a business, marketing, branding, promo products, decoration👉🏼 including how we sublimate tee shirts while using a Findlay Trojans logo City Apparel designed and printed. They were also the first to receive #popsockets that we produce and are currently sold on

And most importantly, the City Apparel team shared what they would tell their “high school selves”🤣



City Apparel also had the pleasure of hosting a printing class from Millstream Career Center today. Students provided City Apparel with their own designs prior to visiting. The City Apparel team was able to sublimate their custom tee designs with them during the visit. SO MUCH FUN!! Plus they learned a whole bunch of other cool stuff about City Apparel and of course, walked away with popsockets😎

Our Interns:


City Apparel has had the privilege to work hand and hand with many perspective college students over the years. Interns have contributed to new projects, and are put to the test by managing day to day operations at City Apparel. They are given the reins from day one with direction from associates within the City Apparel Team. 


By allowing these Interns the ability to take part in a company such as City Apparel, the hope is that the team will touch the lives of these individuals in some way.  City Apparels goal is to help these interns become great leaders themselves, in whatever they decide to do once they graduate. 

City Apparel was recently featured in an article written by Jack Barger (communication specialist) from the University of Findlay. Click below to read more ⬇️ 

Interning 101: How a Local Business Helps
Make UF Students Future Leaders

City Apparel is excited to embark upon these journeyes with these talented individuals. The ability to adapt and change a business to fit the needs of clients is what City Apparel is all about. Millennial have contributed to the success of City Apparel, and we will always be grateful for that!  

Andrea Kramer