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Where Our Motivation Comes From

Each week at City Apparel we take a step back to reflect not only our work, but how we are impacting our industry and the individuals around us. Finding a PURPOSE in life and bettering ourselves every day is where #MondayMotivation came from. Let us tell you our story about how we got to where we are today! 😉

Click the above ⬆️ to watch one of our favorite team meeting videos!


Our team meeting are truly not your typical Monday meetings as done in most office settings. Every week we start our meetings off with a video. From funny to emotional and everything in-between we retrieve our motivation in some sort of form. By getting our inspiration from others City Apparel’s Team is able to utilize this motivation during their work week. By gaining inspiration through others, our hope is that City Apparel’s Team Members do the same! ❤️



With City Apparel being a warehouse and fulfillment hub for all of our clients merchandise, we try to stand out from others in our industry. Something simple as a little note or a surprise in their package, is one way City Apparel shows their appreciation for their customers. The City Apparel marketing team decided to take it to the next level, by creating monthly motivational inserts. Each month the inserts change, creating a new message for our clients. 💌

2018 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!

2018 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!


Giving back to the community we call our home is what City Apparel social responsibility is all about. From participating in community events to giving back to charities in the surrounding areas we do it all! Our most recent and one of our favorites we held was our 1st annual 2018 Nonprofit Contest. We were able to five back $5,000 in (promotional, marketing, and print material) to one lucky Nonprofit serving Hancock County!

Finding motivation is key when living your life, running a business, and being apart of one. City Apparel constantly finds tools to utilize motivation within the work place. Step outside of the box 📦, and figure out what motivates you!

Andrea Kramer