New PPE Division

Posted in City News, PPE on Dec 12, 2020

City Apparel launches City PPE Supply

As we are finishing this dumpster fire of a year, the team at City Apparel is incredibly grateful to have been positioned to supply all of our customers any PPE needed; and as importantly, be a PPE source for many new customers ranging from the State of Ohio to the City of Philadelphia School District. Our customer base spans from coast to coast and our supply chain went global.

With that, we are incredibly humbled to announce the launch of City PPE Supply. Under this new division, we have a dedicated team and will continue to stock, and source PPE needed for COVID-19. We are also back to our core business of uniforms and related safety PPE such has hats, goggles, respirators and boots.

As we build out our program items, we are pleased to carry stock or source:

PPE flowchart
A big shout out to our supply chain partners and our associates, both old and new! Without their perseverance and dedication to ethical practices, we would have been dead in the water. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork