CEO named to Ohio Governor's Executive Workforce Board

Posted in City News on Jun 19, 2019

Andrea Kramer, CEO & Founder of City Apparel has recently been named to the Ohio Governor’s Executive Workforce Board. Keep reading below to see how this board aligns with City Apparel’s mission!

About the Executive Workforce Board

This specific board aim’s to achieve the highest potential by incorporating leaders in industries such as business, education, and workforce development. By working directly with the Governor and his staff, the goal of this workforce is to collaborate to improve the needs, solutions, and best practices for the state of Ohio. By aligning these goals with professionals in the state of Ohio, the goal is to identify ways to prepare Ohioans with the skills needed for in-demand jobs. By aligning these goals directly with individuals in a wide range of industries, the hope is to build a long term skilled, productive and purposeful workforce in the state of Ohio.

Andrea Kramer - President of City Apparel

Benefits for City Apparel

Andrea Kramer, is known for not only being a business owner of multiple businesses but these businesses being women-owned and operated. The apparel and promotional product industry is a small yet dynamic industry, impacting businesses all around the world. By operating a business in this industry, Andrea Kramer and her staff aim to change the unthinkable by participating in a variety of boards, conferences, special events, and much more. Being a part of this specific board not only aligns with City Apparel’s mission but Andrea Kramer’s goals to impact the business world. To learn more about this board, click here to learn more for yourself!