It runs in the family!

Posted in City News on May 02, 2022

We’re starting 2022 off in a new crib!

Bentley Court will forever hold a place in our hearts, but 116 E Main Cross Street in Findlay, OH is a location that goes back generations. City Apparel owner, Andrea Kramer, is now the third generation to own this facility, and we are thrilled to share this new chapter with you.

new conference room

Carl and Edith Kramer opened the doors of City Dry Cleaning on E Main Cross Street 1944 on June 6th, and served the Findlay, OH community until 2021. Not only was 116 E Main Cross Street the home of City Dry cleaning, but City Uniforms and Linen was also founded inside these four walls by Andrea’s father, Paul Kramer. Fast forward to today, it’s now the new home of City Apparel.

main entrance

The facility has since been updated and designed with the 21st century in mind. Beautiful new wallpaper, flooring, private offices, and a beautiful meeting space. Our new office isn’t the only thing we’re bringing into 2022 though. We are also working towards creating a better, brighter, cleaner, future for our community.

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By harnessing our Do Good philosophy, City Apparel aims to positively impact our associates, customers, and communities we serve, balancing profit with purpose.


City Apparel initiatives surrounding profit with purpose:

Believe us when we say, we are taking this initiative by storm and becoming a zero-waste facility. You’re probably wondering how the heck we’re going to do that – but check it out!

City Apparel is a zero waste facility


All merchandise shipped from our facility, boxes, and bags, are made from recycled material.

All packaging that is received at City Apparel’s facility is recycled. For items that need additional prepping before going to the recycling center, City Apparel has partnered with KanDu Group, a 501(c)3 non-profit company serving the needs of adults with developmental disabilities, to assist in preparing packaging to be recycled.


All supplies, plastics, paper, textiles, and cardboard are recycled.

Debrand / Uniform Recycling:

City Apparel launched a debrand and uniform recycling services for all clients. At City Apparel’s own cost, our solution offers our clients.

Secure chain of customer: Items handheld through to final solution with guaranteed custody through each step.

Guaranteed Destruction: Primary shred/size reduction certificates of destruction are provided with photographic evidence. (witness of destruction also possible).

Reporting: Provided to note the diversion to recycling channels and reduction in carbon footprint.

Carbon Neutral:

Lighting: Production area outfitted with LEDs lights

HVAC: New HVAC installed in fall of 2021. Temperatures are monitored thru a strict schedule.

Shipping: City Apparel participates and donates to the UPS Carbon Neutral program


City Apparel’s facility was completely remodeled in the fall of 2021. All material and fixtures were recycled or donated to ReStore where applicable.

Big picture: The only items that end up in trash are leftovers from lunch

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