K-12 School + University PPE Solutions

Posted in Outfitted, Safety on Aug 13, 2020

Youth face mask
City Apparel was just awarded to be the primary vendor for PPE for Philadelphia City Schools. We are excited and this reiterates City Apparel is a trusted source for uniforms and PPE. City Apparel is offering your school or organization the following solutions as it relates to PPE and Sanitizers, to safely restart your school year:

  1. 3 Ply surgical masks for single use
  2. Adult and Youth Cloth Masks that are reusable and can be branded with your school logo.
  3. Transparent mouth masks for staff and students where facial expression is crucial for communication.
  4. Face Shields for users where a mask is not a good fit.
  5. Bulk Sanitizer and Disinfectant Wipes
  6. Single unit Hand Sanitizers with carabiners or in larger sizes with pumps
  7. Nitrile and Vinyl gloves
  8. Plexiglas desk dividers
  9. Signage
  10. And other PPE such as disposable gowns, scrubs, etc.

Distribution: City Apparel can service your school or University with bulk purchases, and offer a free online store to sell additional PPE such as cloth masks for your students, parents and staff to purchase. Need to have a back to school kit fulfilled and packaged for each student and staff member? City Apparel can both curate the product and package the items for easy distribution.

All PPE in stock: https://cityapparelfaves.com/outbreak-preparedness/in-stock/

Blog on best features to look for in a cloth mask: https://cityapparel.net/blog/facemask-best-features

Truckload Sale: https://cityapparelfaves.com/outbreak-preparedness/order-by-the-truckload/

Can’t find what you’re looking for or need some guidance?

Email customerservice@cityapparel.net or give us a call at 844-646-0759