Making Employee Gifting a Snap

Posted in Outfitted, Play on Feb 22, 2023

employee gifts
As an employer, employee appreciation is always top of mind. Celebrating anniversaries, welcoming new employees, or honoring those who have reached their career goals are all perfect opportunities to engage with your employees. Custom gifts allow employers to express gratitude in a more meaningful way.

Of course, the holidays are an excellent opportunity to pull out the stops and send gifts that express your gratitude and remind your team just how much they mean to you!

City Apparel has mastered the 3 P’s (Product. Process. People.) that delivers EMPLOYEE. GIFTS. FAST.

Step 1. Product: Curate Cool Swag

City Apparel offers custom kits from specially curated products to build your organization branded food and merch. Need something quick, simple, unique, cost-effective, and still totally awesome for your next event or employee appreciation gift?

Here's how it works...

curate and identify items, we will do the rest

Step 2. Process: Pop-up Shop

City Apparel launches a pop-up shop for your organization in record time. We’ll stock it with cool merchandise and take care of kitting and shipping the items to your employee’s home or office. Pop-up shops allow your employees to purchase or be gifted your swag thru a unique shop that may be event or date driven. A custom splash screen on your pop-up shop makes it easy to communicate with your team the purpose, and what to expect.

Step 3. People: Delivering Apprecation

Your team receives an email with a custom message designed by our organization letting them know that a gift of their choice is around the corner. A link to your Pop-Up Shop sends them to their account and all the glory of your branded swag!

custom tumblers for your employees custom apparel for your employees


At City Apparel, we have 20+ years of experience strategizing and executing custom uniform and promotional programs for companies of every size. From end-to-end managed uniform programs to quick-turn pop-up shops with branded merchandise. Pop-Up Shops are perfect for: Remote Employee Gifts, Seasonal Gifts, Virtual Gifts, Corporate Gifting, Employee Appreciation, Employee Awards.

COOL branded merchandise is a great way to build excitement and increase engagement with your brand and show employee appreciation.

We believe that we look good when you look good, and you look good when your employees look good. This drives us to bring fresh ideas and creative solutions beyond our company’s four walls.