New Hire Onboarding Gift - Made Just for You

Posted in Outfitted, Promo, Work on Mar 15, 2023

Finding and retaining top talent is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but what are you doing to show your employees and new hires that they are valued? At City Apparel + Merch, we aren’t just the vendor you call for a t-shirt order - we work together with your team to offer solutions for employee engagement and retention while building an unforgettable brand.

Our partners at Blanchard Valley Health System placed their trust in us to discuss how City Apparel + Merch could assist in building upon their employee engagement program.

Here is how it all played out:

  1. The BVHS team shared their needs and budget expectations for their new hire project.
  2. CA+M suggested creating a curated new hire experience through a custom kitting project and presented industry-specific product categories for the BVHS team to choose from.
  3. BVHS and CA+M collaborated on a custom box and design to ensure a truly branded experience for their new hires from start to finish. (Remember, presentation is key)
  4. Bulk orders for each item were then placed to maximize the budget, while also building inventory for the upcoming year.
  5. All inventory was then stored at the CA+M facility, kitted, and delivered to the BVHS Human Resources department on a bi-weekly basis for easy distribution.

That’s it! It’s just that easy, but don’t just take it from us. We went right to the source to uncover the user’s experience during this project. Jenn Olson, Blanchard Valley’s Corporate Event Planner, and the Blanchard Valley Human Resources team were generous enough to share their experience with us.

Blanchard Valley Health System had previously offered new hire gifts to their employees, but towards the end of 2022, their team had decided to elevate their new hires’ experience. When we asked what the initial response was from the new hire kits, the BVHS team said, “overall it’s been very positive”, and “we are very pleased with everything!”. The feedback has been so impactful that their current employees said they wished they had been hired when these new hire boxes first rolled out. Based on the responses that they received, the BVHS HR team is considering exploring incentive gifts for the rest of the staff.

The City Apparel + M team is thrilled to play a role in Blanchard Valley’s new hire experience. Schedule a meeting with our team today to discuss how we can radically elevate your brand and new hire experience today!