Nonprofit Update

Posted in City News, Impact, Outfitted on May 17, 2019

Challenged Champions was the winner of the 2018 nonprofit contest City Apparel held in December of 2018. City Apparel is laser focused on giving back and felt this contest was a great vehicle to give back to a nonprofit in our community. Challenged Champions rose to the occasion, making their way to the top out of the eight nonprofits that entered our contest. City Apparel’s goal for this contest was to give one nonprofit $5000 in promotional products, logo’d apparel, and marketing/ print material. These items will be used for fundraisers, volunteer gifts, staff apparel, and advertising for events.


Challenged Champions Equestrian Center was established in 1997 as a non-profit charitable corporation. Using the horse and its environment, they provide equine assisted activities for people with a variety of special needs. The mission of the Challenged Champions Equestrian Center, Inc. is to enrich and change the lives of children and adults with special needs through facilitated equine activities. In 2017, CCEC served 382 participants with special needs in their program. They also offer a program FREE OF CHARGE for all veterans and active duty service personnel.

Items used for:

Challenged Champions would typically not be able to afford these items. When the City Apparel Team met with this nonprofit many of their items were outdated, limited, and lack uniformity. City Apparel performed a full marketing analysis to identify the right product and print placement. With the help of all of these items listed above, the goal is to gain awareness of Challenged Champions within the community for fundraising and volunteering opportunities along with allowing them to increase their ROI on sales of their T-shirts next year. Each year these items will change, but the hope is for the City Apparel Team to help bring the Challenged Champions brand to life.