PPAI’s Women’s Leadership Conference

Posted in City News on Jul 08, 2019

This year Andrea Kramer and Hilary Orians had the opportunity to attend the annual PPAI’s Women’s Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. This conference was a three-day long event including speakers, sessions, roundtables, networking, and much more. All of these sections of the conference gave the City Apparel ladies a chance to develop connections with other industry professionals. This year over 150 women attended, with 61 being their first time.

Throughout the event, both Andrea and Hilary learned about new strategies to incorporate into their work at City Apparel. Working with industry professionals allows individuals to break out of their everyday routine and dig into this ever-evolving industry. These strategies will be put to use not only by Andrea and Hilary but the rest of the City Apparel team. To read more about this conference [click here to read](https://pubs.ppai.org/ppb-newslink/ppai-s-women-s-leadership-conference-called-amazing/) the full story. 😉