PPE Truckload Sale

Posted in PPE on Aug 12, 2020

truckload sale
As it is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be an ongoing concern for some time, City Apparel continues to source PPE and sanitizers; and now offering these items with special pricing if ordered by the truckload. Anything we source can be sold in bulk but below are items that we see are needed in large spot purchases:

Yes, all PPE categories can be purchased in bulk ranging from cloth masks, face shields to disposable PPE. Our “Truckload Sale” is not inclusive of everything we offer, but a great starting point for procuring your organization’s PPE.

Check out the items we have sourced to be sold by the truckload: Order by the Truck Load

For more PPE available please visit: Outbreak Preparedness and In Stock PPE + Sanitizers

Can’t find what you’re looking for or need some guidance?

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