Q4 + Holiday Gifting Tips & Merch Ideas

Posted in Life, Outfitted on Nov 01, 2019

We’re just days away from the busiest shopping day of the year, and the busiest gift giving season of the year. You may be pondering what, if anything, to give your employees and clients this holiday season or just Q4 purchases. If you’re not sure how to approach business gift-giving or general rules of engagement for purchasing apparel or promo, here are a few tips to help you get through the holiday craze with a sound reputation and budget.

The Answer Is Yes: If you’re wondering whether or not you should give your employees and clients gifts, let me clear up any doubt: you should. It’s always a good idea to show your employees and clients your gratitude. Yes, you’ve provided great value to them, but a nice token of appreciation can really help demonstrate that you care. If your question is, “Should I?” The answer is yes.

Do Make It Personal: In many cases, your best intentions can backfire. For one thing, you don’t want your gifts to land in a wastebasket because they appear to be generic and impersonal. You also don’t want your gifts to scream desperate or gauche. You want your gesture to be thoughtful and personal.

Do Be Creative: Consider your audience, whether it’s your whole business, departments or client segments. Consider something fine that aligns with their field of work, can be useful and aligns with your business or industry. Don’t skimp when it comes to packaging, part of the fun when receiving a gift is the wrapping, gift packaging and presentation. City Apparel can assist in the perfect presentation and packaging for you.

Don’t Be Cheap: Consider how much you might routinely spend taking someone out for a nice meal. That meal might be lost and/or forgotten by the next morning. Yet, when it comes to gifts, businesses routinely try to figure out how little they can spend. If everything in your business is “first-class,” don’t be the low-bidder when it comes to showing your appreciation. In that case, sending nothing might be better than sending “something”.

That said, you don’t have to blow your budget on gifts either. You might send a video from your team saying how much you enjoy working with them loaded on a custom USB. Or, you might send a custom framed photo of your team in front of a whiteboard while discussing their project. These personal touches are great ways to create a lasting impression.

Do Have Fun: Holiday shopping can be stressful and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to break the bank or drive yourself crazy searching for the perfect gift. With a little bit of planning and creativity you can give a gift that creates a lasting impression. So, have fun with it!

Considerations: Budget, Audience, Packaging and Distribution

The team at City Apparel has curated great gift ideas for you and mailed them in mid-October. If you didn’t get our package, please let us know asap. Like to shop online? We have the perfect solution! We have a website with curated items that are all our faves from apparel to the perfect midnight snack: CityApparelFaves.com or for everything in between visit our online catalog.

If this doesn’t hit the spot, don’t forget we are ready to assist! Think of us as your personal shopper. Contact us today and we will create a presentation with the above considerations in mind.

PS, 4th quarter production time ranges 2-4 weeks, let us help you plan ahead for all of your purchases.

PSS, Santa’s little helpers ask you place all Holiday orders by 11/27/19