Responsibly Restarting Your Business: COVID-19

Posted in PPE on Jun 01, 2020

in this together

As the Covid-19 Pandemic was taking shape, I was asked to be on the Economic Strikeforce workgroup for the Ohio Development Services Agency, to support Governor DeWine and Lt. Governor Husted’s response to the crisis. Although there was a whirlwind of calls and emails for the first several weeks, our group has come to a pause as the State developed individual workgroups by Industry.

By now, most of the country has come to terms with the sobering realities of the COVID19 pandemic. Although many may feel a sense of despair, anxiety, anger, or relief as the State has opened, Ohioans can and will bounce back. First, by taking precautions and maintaining social distancing, we have helped Ohio flatten the curve. And second, Ohio is positioned to lead as we transition to a responsible restart. We need to focus on the positive to persevere.

Our communities have been united by this pandemic in so many ways; supporting our frontline workers, caring for our families, aligning better with our co-workers during the transition of working remotely while staying home to save lives. This tragedy has brought out the best in so many of us and brought us together in countless ways.

I continue to research multiple sources for information but have found the State of Ohio and multiple sectors pose the most solid information. As we start to plan for economic recovery and take steps to re-open, fear is a new frontier that leaders must actively manage. We have a long journey ahead and we must collectively be stronger than our fears and the unknown.

Here are six ways you can help your employees fight their fears as they return to workers to their establishments.

  1. Communication
  2. Monitor mental well-being, along with the physical health of your employees
  3. Do (and be seen to do) all the right things on safety.
  4. Be understanding towards employees who are not ready to come back to work.
  5. Remember the little things.
  6. Fight fear with inspiration and possibility. (

The state of Ohio has asked that all companies adhere to the guidance for the safety of their associates and visitors. Each Industry has been provided guidance and specifics but the below covers most:

Ensure minimum 6 ft between people, if not possible, install barriers

Face coverings are required while employers and employees are on the job, unless any one of the following apply:

(If any of these exceptions apply to your business, or one of your employees, written justification must be provided upon request.)

Mandatory Best Practices:

Daily symptom assessments should include taking your temperature with a thermometer and monitoring for fever. Also watch for coughing or trouble breathing.

Mandatory Shift Patterns:

Mandatory Physical Space/ Workstations:

As I have blogged about recently, timing is everything. As your organization identifies the right fit for PPE and sanitizer, plan quickly and make that purchase. The supply chain, albeit better, has been volatile since the beginning. Prices, lead time and inventory change hourly. City Apparel pivoted quickly and has been offering PPE, sanitizers, barriers, signage, disposable and reusable gowns, gloves and guidance to our community and customers across the US. To view our current list of in stock items visit: and for all items pandemic related visit:

We have a long road ahead of us and there is only one way to tackle it: together. We can only accomplish that by remaining steadfast and collectively following the direction given to keep our businesses open and most importantly, our community safe and healthy.

We're #InThisTogether!
Andrea Kramer