Ride or Die

Posted in City News on Feb 28, 2023

My GRATITUDE is endless for our incredible customers, vendors, and partners that encompass our team at City Apparel. I am deeply honored that you trust us with your business, your branded merchandise, and “outfitting your team.” Growth and automation can be hard, and we have learned a great deal about our resilience and dedication to Do Good in all we do.

Andrea Kramer
You stuck by us as we onboarded 6 new employees, graciously forgiving us during a learning curve, while not always responding with the normal velocity you have come to expect from us. Our whole reason for existing is to add value to our partners and Do Good in the communities we live and serve. To every single customer that has blessed us with the opportunity to serve, I just want to say “Thank you” from all of us at City Apparel.   As we enter into 2023, we are focused on our investments in people, technology, and equipment. We have moved mountains to create excellent customer and team experiences! 2022 Greatest Companies to Work For winner

2022 Business Highlights

January: Erin Rooney, new position Procurement Manager
February: Certified ZERO waste facility
March: Launched FREE recycling for all our Uniform Program customers
April: Building renovation completed
May: Britney Keiser promoted to Account Manager
June: Kelsey Jones, new position Account Manager
Awarded PPB’s 2022 Best Employers (4th year in. arow)
August: Michael Steeb, new position CFO
September: We welcomed 2 team members in new positions in sales support and customer service
October: Installation of two 6-head embroidery machines, automation ramp-up with Scan and Capture technology, Department Dashboards, and KPI’s
November: Awarded SBA’s Women Business Champion
December: Welcomed 1 team member into a new position in accounting

2023 Business Highlights

January: Finalized automation in Customer Consolidated Invoicing
February: Installation of two 6-head embroidery machines; joined industry peer group Premier Group

I love this industry, and City Apparel is 100% committed to providing you with the best product and service you have come to expect from City Apparel. Our employees live every day by our guiding principles to always Do What's Right, Be Innovative, Coach Up Excellence and DO GOOD in all we do. This is just the beginning. We have our sights set high on continuing to grow and expand while earning your trust and business.