Safety Apparel and Products

Posted in Outfitted, PPE, Safety, Work on Mar 29, 2019

City Apparel covers a wide range of industries, which includes many that individuals don’t know about. Some items that we do sell to a variety of industries include safety apparel and products. Jobs like welding, an electrician, chemical plant workers, oil and gas Industries, along with many others require safety clothing. City Apparel has become experts in many industries, which is why we tailor our products to fit each industry specifically. Keep reading below to find out why safety is a important factor in your industry.

What is FR Clothing and why you should be wearing it?

FR clothing is a type of safety clothing, but more specifically known as flame resistant clothing. Many industries as talked about above, require employees to wear this specific type of clothing when working. As an employer it is important that employees are following guidelines from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Failure to follow these regulations can result in lawsuits and possible companies closings.

Why trust City Apparel?

Just like in any industry, the City Apparel team aims to become experts in a variety of industries. Safety apparel and products constantly changes due to regulations put in place by OSHA. City Apparel associates work with clothing manufactures directly, to learn about the clothing and products from the ground up. Their are a variety of factors that go into choosing the best clothing. Some things include comfort, durability, and laundering. They cover everything from material to thread to make sure it is up to OSHA’s standards. Along with this the City Apparel team often attends seminars to advance their knowledge.

What brands do we carry?

City Apparel has access to some of the hottest brands on the market today. Some brands are industry-specific, therefore our associates recommend some brands over others to ensure your companies needs are meet. These brands are directly tailored to your specific industry regulations. We carry a wide variety of brands, but below are some that are currently trending on the market today!

For any additional information about safety clothing or product regulations click here!