Uniform Allowance Websites

Posted in Outfitted, Work on Jun 10, 2019

Trends come and go and this is why the City Apparel team understands that innovation is a key to success when developing uniform allowance programs. City Apparel has been in this industry for years, allowing our team to shape and transform programs tailored to our client’s needs. By maintaining our direct client relationship, City Apparel has had the ability to build and execute these programs from scratch. From large to small companies and everything in between, uniform allowance programs can eliminate stress and also time spent executing a program of this size.

City Apparel team at Progressive Field

The team is here to share one of our many success stories involving one of our biggest clients the Cleveland Indians. Our partnership with this organization has been going strong over the past years, thanks to our uniform allowance programs. By incorporating their needs with our expertise, allowed this partnership to continue to operate flawlessly. The Cleveland Indiana’s have 24/7 access to their program which allows them to constantly update preferences, point systems, clothing options, and much more!

If you are still wondering exactly how the experts at City Apparel operate uniform allowance programs, watch the video below to hear from the Indian’s themselves.

If you are still wondering how our process works, continue reading below to see how our experts operate the process themselves.

The process:

  1. We help you identify the right products to offer both in apparel and promotional merchandise.
  2. We build you a custom webstore.
  3. We upload your employee list with the appropriate allowance available.
  4. You manage your program moving forward with the ability to add new employees and adjust allowances.
  5. Your employees can view their own account ledger.
  6. You run reports to analyze allowance and product usage.
  7. Your employee orders are shipped together to you, with each order separated and ready for distribution.

Using City Apparel’s Uniform Allowance program allows our customer to manage their business and sit back and relax while we provide the tools and support to manage your uniform program. It’s that simple! So what are you waiting for?