Why a Uniform Allowance Program Rocks the House!

Posted in Outfitted on Oct 09, 2014

At City Apparel, we like to think we are innovative when it comes to corporate apparel, uniforms and promotional products. Today we are going to focus on why a uniform allowance program is awesomesauce!


Pretty much ANY organization can benefit from a uniform allowance program that outfits their team in logo’d corporate apparel, uniforms, casual apparel and anything in between. Essentially, your organization puts together a budget of what you want to spend annually on these items. Then you might break it down by how much each employee is allotted to spend. Some organizations may give their employees an actual dollar amount or they may give employees a quantity amount they can purchase during a calendar year. Here’s where our magic comes in! We help you pick out a kick butt apparel program based on the needs of your organization. We look at who the wearers are, what type of work environment they are in, your company’s overall brand message and voila’….you have a kick butt identity program. After determining those factors, we have you provide us a list of your employees, locations and allowances. We upload this information into our content management system and start building your organization a custom website. We make the website intuitive, user friendly and spell out the rules of engagement for your team so they understand how the uniform program works.

Once the website is live, employees can login and order their uniforms at any time, day or night. Employees can also view their previous orders, remaining allowance and any updates to the program in general.

Administrators of the program (your supervisors) can also log in at any time and review all orders, returns, add or remove employees, and add or remove dollars in an employee’s allowance.

A uniform allowance program offers a simple and effective way to manage your company’s identity program with minimal time and investment. Think about each time you placed an apparel order for your whole company…… and had to ask each employee their size, spreadsheet it, receive the order, break it down and then distribute. Wasn’t fun huh?! Long ago are those days! Now your employees’ uniforms come in bulk shipments, broken down by employee (bagged by employee with a delivery receipt,) to each of your organization’s locations. BOOM! Easy!

So the next time you are revved up to create an excel spreadsheet with 100’s of your employees sizes….STOP! Remember City Apparel and how our Uniform Allowance Program Rocks the House!