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Solving Cleveland's Sports' Problem!!! (Kind of)

As reoccurring as it is to hear about distress from a Cleveland sports team, this time it wasn’t about the players, coaches, or ownership, but the employees working inside of Progressive Field’s walls. With the Major League Baseball season finally underway, it is necessary that the employees at the Cleveland Indians’ ballpark are just as well dressed and prepared as the players on the field. The employees of Progressive Field were continuously being underwhelmed with options of garments to wear and reached out to us to fix this problem. And much like the desperation for a college athlete with remarkable talent (and hopefully minimal off-field issues) or a highly-respected coach, the Indians needed help. Although we may not have 5-star athletes in our offices that can help a Cleveland team win a championship, we certainly have 5-star employees with the ability to solve Cleveland’s sports organization’s apparel problems. Our solution to help Progressive Field’s employees and solve a portion of Cleveland’s sports’ problem was to create a webstore specifically made for their organization to provide individuals the ability to purchase garments on their own time and at their own expense, avoiding any problems that were previously being encountered during the ordering process. Making it as easy as possible to order apparel for any company nationwide is what we do best!


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