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United Way

With United Way being right down the street from City Apparel, this has always been one of our favorite organizations to contribute to. The mission of the United Way of Hancock County is to “measurably improve people’s lives.” 

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United Way created long-term solutions for each individual's needs. Their services have a broad range of resources to help individuals get back on their feet. By providing these building blocks, people are able to lead to things like further education, through their educational programs. They are also able to help find a stable job, leading to financial stability. One of their main goals is to provide a  healthier lifestyle for each individual that enters their building. 

United Way is constantly looking for volunteers to help with events, and tasks within Hancock County. City Apparel was privileged to serve the Findlay Hope House recently with painting and organizing their office. They have a variety of events that fit everyone's interests. 

Andrea Kramer