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Corporate Apparel and Uniforms

We bring your corporate brand to life!

We bring your brand to life! Lasting impressions, customer connections and brand extension are just some of the ways promotional merchandise delivers ROI. At City, we're always looking for ways to boost talent and capabilities for your organization. We won't let ourselves get stuck in one way of doing things, because your organization deserves the best service and products possible. Our team will serve you with the "just right" combination of industry experience and youthful enthusiasm.

City Apparel partners with industry suppliers and sister company, Go Grow Strategies, to deliver marketing plans at strategic and tactical levels to ensure maximum ROI. We are experts at developing your brand through merchandise. Our unconventional approach and full suite of in-house services allow us to give you a personalized promotional marketing program that is effortless, efficient and cost-effective. It‘s all brought to you with kick-butt customer service from people who love what they do.

City Apparel has an unwavering belief that how we wear clothing is every bit as important as what we are wearing. Our team will design, fit, install, style, accessorize and curate (or any combination thereof) to help you achieve the authentic look and feel of your brand. Why not have uniforms that are so cool they can be worn wherever? It IS possible to have uniforms that your team is comfortable wearing long after work hours are over. The style, fit and quality all matter equally. That's why we've built a collaborative team with good taste. We look out for you and your employees, so your company's brand is represented well whenever or wherever it's worn.

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