outfitted for Impact

Let's Make a Positive Impact on Society

At City Apparel, we operate with a conscience and utilize our business for the betterment of our community. Everyone should have a healthy, safe, and happy place to exist in our shared world. Believing this, we have many initiatives in place to move this belief forward. This, however, isn't all about us. You can read about our Impact on this page if you'd like. This is about you and supporting your mission. This is about providing you support to make your Impact felt.

So what Impact do you want to make? What's the mission above all missions when it comes to improving your small piece of the world? What hurdles stand between you and the forward progress you'd like to make? What do you need from us? We'd seriously love to know.

Move your mission forward


Impacts need financed. Simple as that. Our talented team will work directly with you to craft products that can be sold to raise funds. This can be apparel (like event t-shirts), useful promo (think water bottles and cool tech, not so much stress balls), customized food items, and way more.


We maintain and run our own webstore platform that is home to all of our uniform programs. This platform can also be used to host an Impact driven webstore of your own. Use our web platform to reach a larger audience and increase sales of those fundraising products we banged out together. Let us launch a popup store that has a month long window to collect orders. Once orders close, we'll produce your fundraising items and ship them out to your supporters. Or run your site longer. Whatever you need to accomplish your goal.

Events & Marketing

Getting boots on the ground is an extremley effective way to bring awareness to your impact. We can help you by designing and producing tradeshow graphics and materials that help your organization stand out at community events. Billboards, signage, fliers, old school snail mail mailers, email campagins; whatever you need. We're happy to get the word out on your cause and get your organization infront of caring eyes.

Let us Outfit you today.

Our Mission: Outfitting Our Partners To Create Positive Community Impact & Lasting Relationships.