outfitted for Play

Playtime is the Best Time

Fulfilled, committed employees have time to play, learn, grow, and explore outside of work and we know how to help balance optimal performance at work with life outside of business. The most important asset of any business in any industry is their employees. Showing appreciation is the most effective way to build trust, encourage personal development and nurture overall happiness in employees.

City Apparel has mastered employee recognition programs, making it cost and time effective for organizations while providing world-class support to awardees. Customized webstores with online ordering take the workload off department employees to keep them focused while providing an easy experience to the employee. Personalized letters, certificates and packaging adds the extra touches to show professionalism and care.

Such programs include:

Play doesn’t have to end with employees, your customers also balance life and work. Reach a deeper connection, build loyalty, and generate organic marketing by showing customers they matter by sending meaningful Thank You Gifts and impactful Dealer Incentives.

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Our Mission: Outfitting Our Partners To Create Positive Community Impact & Lasting Relationships.