outfitted for Work

Off to work with your best foot forward

In every industry, for any role, we outfit you for work. City Apparel works for you by being your uniform, corporate apparel, promotional items, and PPE safety workwear provider.

From the technician on the assembly line to the nurses at university hospitals, the construction worker and truck driver; City Apparel will make sure you maintain a professional, safe work environment by outfitting your employees in the best option. With high quality items, exceptional customer service and meaningful connections, City Apparel works to deliver the best and most cost-effective experience for your employees.

We work to build company brands around the most influential factor in a customer’s first impression of their business: their employees. Studies show a quality uniform program can change the way your employees work by making them feel appreciated, safe, and rewarded for productivity.

City Apparel seamlessly works the process of ordering, distributing, and managing employee uniforms. So, you can devote time to growing business, watching culture thrive and radically elevate your brand!

Outfitted with Knowledge- we thoroughly evaluate your program needs and requirements, then create a winning strategy for you.

Outfitted with Customization- product selection, logo and brand specifics, ordering and delivery options are all expertly tailored to meet the needs of your company.

Outfitted with Ownership- your program manager works to ensure seamless ordering and distribution while remaining attentive and action-oriented to provide the best experience.

Environmental Responsibility

As part of our Environmental Responsibility initiatives, City Apparel offers Uniform Recycling for managed uniform program customers:

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Our Mission: Outfitting Our Partners To Create Positive Community Impact & Lasting Relationships.