Uniform Programs

Product Curation

All our webstores start off with product curation. We work with you through this simple process to ensure that your employees have a selection of corporate apparel and uniforms that meet the work environment, safety, culture, and brand standards. Once a catalog of products is selected, we will load them onto a custom storefront created just for your organization and your employees to use.

Uniform Allowance

Our webstores are built to run on all types of devices, meaning your employees can purchase their corporate apparel and uniforms from their phone, desktop, or iPad.. These webstores are the central hub of your employees' online Uniform Program. Each employee will have their own account from which they can order corporate apparel and uniforms decorated with your company's logo.

Once logged into their account, employees can:

  • Access a curated catalog of branded corporate apparel and uniforms.
  • View their allowance balance and monitor its usage.
  • Keep track of their order history to easily reorder the items they need.
  • Keep their account information up to date.
  • View the status of their orders.
  • Contact City Apparel directly for inquiries about their orders.

As an employer, you'll love that our webstores:

  • Ensure your employees only purchase from a selection of products you approve of.
  • Give your employees a digital wallet so they can use company dollars to get outfitted in your company gear.
  • Use a secure credit card gateway for the times when your employees want to purchase more than their allowance provides.
  • Make user management easy with admin controls to create or delete accounts, reset passwords, and adjust and set allowance point balances.
  • Are a great way to run employee incentive programs. In addition to allowance point balances, you can also take advantage of promotional code generation and offer digital gift cards for employee gifts and incentives.

As part of our Environmental Responsibility initiatives, City Apparel OFFERS Uniform Recycling:

  • Secure chain of customer: Items handheld through to final solution with guaranteed custody through each step.
  • Guaranteed Destruction: Primary shred/size reduction certificates of destruction are provided with photographic evidence (witness of destruction also possible).
  • Reporting: Provided to note the diversion to recycling channels and reduction in carbon footprint.

Demo our webstore platform

If you'd like to check out what our managed uniform program webstores look like and how they function, feel free to visit our Demo Store.

For more information, please book a meeting with our Account Solutions team.