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Uniform Programs

Uniform Allowance Programs

Websites Managing your Employees Uniform Allowance Program.

City Apparel makes it easy to help you manage your employee uniform allowance program.

The process:

  1. We help you identify the right products to offer both in apparel and promotional merchandise.

  2. We build you a custom webstore.

  3. We upload your employee list with the appropriate allowance available.

  4. You manage your program moving forward with the ability to add new employees and adjust allowances.

  5. Your employees can view their own account ledger.

  6. You run reports to analyze allowance and product usage.

  7. Your employee orders are shipped together to you, with each order separated and ready for distribution.

Using City Apparel’s Uniform Allowance program allows our customer to manage their business and sit back and relax while we provide the tools and support to manage your uniform program. It’s that simple!